12 August 2022

Week commencing 12 August 1991

This week in 1991 saw seven new top 150 entries and two known debuts for singles peaking outside the top 150.  Let's dive straight in.
The Reels: it seemed Australia did not love them anymore in 1991.
Top 150 debuts:
Number 131 "Hooked on You" by Sydney Youngblood
Peak: number 120
Peak date: 19 August 1991
Weeks in top 150: 9 weeks
Weeks on chart: 10 weeks
We last saw Sydney Youngblood in November 1989.  "Hooked on You" was the lead single from Sydney's second album Passion, Grace and Serious Bass... (number 130, November 1991).
Internationally, "Hooked on You" peaked at number 72 in the UK in June 1991, number 34 in Sweden in July 1991, number 36 in Germany in July 1991, number 27 in Switzerland in August 1991, and number 35 in France in October 1991.
Within Australia, "Hooked on You" performed strongest in Western Australia, where it reached number 60 - the only ARIA state chart where it registered a top 100 peak.

I think I caught "Hooked on You" once on one of the SBS music video programs, The Noise or M.C. TeeVee, at the time, but the song did not stick in my memory.  Listening to it again now, I enjoy the song, but it doesn't stand out like the singles from Sydney's debut album.

A second single from Passion, Grace and Serious Bass..., "Wherever You Go", was released in Australia in October 1991, but failed to chart.
Sydney will join us again in 1993.
Number 134 "Someone" by The Rembrandts
Peak: number 104
Peak date: 26 August 1991
Weeks in top 150: 17 weeks
Weeks on chart: 21 weeks
Until now, I had erroneously assumed that American rock duo The Rembrandts were Dutch, I guess owing to being named after the painter.  The pair's debut single "Just the Way It Is, Baby" (number 26, June 1991) reached the top 30 in Australia.  In contrast to that song's moderate peak on the chart, "Just the Way It Is, Baby" received massive airplay in Melbourne, and reached number 13 on the Victoria/Tasmania state chart.

"Someone" was the second single lifted from The Rembrandts' debut album The Rembrandts (number 93, August 1991).  The single peaked at number 78 in the US in July 1991, number 57 in the Netherlands in July 1991, and number 45 in Germany in August 1991.

Domestically, "Someone" was most successful in Western Australia, where it reached number 47.  "Someone" peaked within the top 100 on all of the ARIA state charts except New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory.
"Someone" broke into the top 100 on the Australian Music Report singles chart, where it peaked at number 75.

With a tally of 17 weeks in the top 150, "Someone" was the second most long-lasting 'hit' to peak within the 101-150 region of the chart that debuted in 1991.  The single was still charting on the last chart survey of the year, in December 1991.

I don't recall hearing this one before, though assume it must have received FM airplay.
We shall next see The Rembrandts in 1992.

Number 142 "Hang on Kid" by Nikki D
Peak: number 112
Peak date: 26 August 1991
Weeks in top 150: 5 weeks
American rapper Nichelle Strong, better known as Nikki D, scored a minor 'hit' on the ARIA singles chart with "Daddy's Little Girl" (number 59, July 1991), which prominently sampled D.N.A. featuring Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner" (number 8, November 1990).
"Hang on Kid" was the second single lifted from Nikki's debut - and only album to date - Daddy's Little Girl, which was released in Australia in October 1991 but missed the top 150.  I cannot find evidence of "Hang on Kid" charting in any other country.  I don't recall hearing this one before.

A third single from Daddy's Little Girl, "Wasted", was released in Australia in February 1992.  It missed the top 150.

Number 145 "Take Us to the Top" by Jason Martin
Peak: number 145
Peak date: 12 August 1991
Weeks in top 150: 2 weeks
Last week we had an Australian sports-themed single that I couldn't embed a video for, and here is another.  Jason Martin was a rugby league player who at this point in 1991 was playing for the North Sydney Bears.  While I've never heard "Take Us to the Top", I remember this track being reviewed in Smash Hits, along with a picture of the single sleeve showcasing Jason's impressive mullet (see below).

Jason's Wikipedia page states that the music video for "Take Us to the Top" showed Jason playing rugby league, while other members of his team performed backing vocals.  Hopefully some kind soul uploads it one day.

Number 146 "Until She Comes" by The Psychedelic Furs
Peak: number 146
Peak date: 12 August 1991
Weeks in top 150: 1 week
English band The Psychedelic Furs formed in 1977.  The group landed three top 100 singles in Australia, with "Love My Way" (number 23, January 1983) and "Heartbreak Beat" (number 26, March 1987) cracking the top 30.  The band also bubbled under the top 100 in 1984 and 1986, but I am yet to cover those years.
"Until She Comes" was the lead single from The Psychedelic Furs' seventh studio album World Outside (number 108, August 1991).  Their previous album Book of Days (number 114, February 1990), yielded no top 150 singles in Australia.

While I cannot find evidence of "Until She Comes" registering a position on another country's chart, it spent two weeks at number one on the meaningless US Billboard Alternative Airplay chart in September 1991.

I hadn't heard "Until She Comes" before.  While I like a couple of earlier Psychedelic Furs singles I know, I can't say I am a huge fan of this one.

Number 147 "I Don't Love You Anymore" by The Reels
Peak: number 125
Peak date: 14 October 1991
Weeks in top 150: 10 weeks
We last saw Australian band The Reels in January 1989.
"I Don't Love You Anymore" was The Reels' first single that was not a cover version since 1985.  Presumably, the track was recorded for what would have become their fourth studio album of original material, not counting the covers album Neighbors (number 92, December 1988).  However, "I Don't Love You Anymore" would not appear on any studio album, but instead ended up on the compilation Requiem (number 131, January 1993), released in November 1992, which collated most of the band's previous singles.

I caught the video for "I Don't Love You Anymore" a couple of times on TV as a new release, catching it on rage while waiting for the top 60 to start at least once.  I am surprised the single did not perform better on the charts, as it deserved to do so.  The music video is memorable for having numerous people who sit alongside or hover around Reels singer Dave Mason, lip syncing lyrics and playing with his hair, among other things, while Dave remains largely stationary.

We shall next see The Reels in 1992.

Number 149 "A Flag of Our Own" by John Williamson
Peak: number 119
Peak date: 9 September 1991
Weeks in top 150: 7 weeks
Weeks on chart: 10 weeks
We last saw Australian country music veteran John Williamson in November 1990.

"A Flag of Our Own" was the first of two singles from John's tenth studio album Waratah St. (number 14, September 1991).  On the state charts, "A Flag of Our Own" performed strongest in Queensland, where it reached number 93.

I hadn't heard this one before.  It's really not my kind of music.

John will join us next in November 1991.

Bubbling WAY down under:
Number 187 "Please Be Cruel" by Inspiral Carpets
Peak: number 187
Peak date: 12 August 1991
Weeks on chart: 2 weeks
We last saw English indie band Inspiral Carpets in December 1990.
"Please Be Cruel" was the second and final single from Inspiral Carpets' second studio album The Beast Inside (number 157, June 1991).  It followed "Caravan", which was released in Australia in May 1991 but failed to chart.

In the UK, "Please Be Cruel" peaked at number 50 in June 1991.

Within Australia, "Please Be Cruel" performed strongest in New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory, where it reached number 170.

I bought a second-hand DVD of Inspiral Carpets' music videos on eBay a couple of years back, but haven't watched most of it yet.  I hadn't heard this track before.  It's alright, but not my favourite of theirs.

We shall next see Inspiral Carpets in 1992.

Number 197 "Wishing You Were Here" by Alison Moyet
Peak: number 197
Peak date: 12 August 1991
Weeks in top 150: 1 week
English singer Alison Moyet last graced our presence in May 1991.  "Wishing You Were Here" was issued as the second - and in Australia, last - single from her third studio album Hoodoo (number 120, July 1991).
Internationally, "Wishing You Were Here" peaked at number 72 in the UK in June 1991.
Domestically, the single performed strongest in Victoria/Tasmania, peaking at number 175.
I hadn't heard this one before.  While I can appreciate the musicality of the track, it bored me a little. 

A third single from Hoodoo, "This House", was released in Europe.
Alison will next join us in 1994.

Next week (19 August): Nine new top 150 debuts, and one bubbling WAY down under entry.

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