03 February 2023

Week commencing 3 February 1992

There isn't a common thread I can identify linking this week in 1992's new entries peaking outside the top 100 I can identify, other than there are several (for me, anyway) unexpected entries among them.  Shall we take a look? 
Donna Summer's hair stylist tried to work some magic on that hair.
Top 150 debuts:
Number 121 "Sisters Keep on Doin' It" by Dimples D & Lady Spice
Peak: number 116
Peak date: 10 February 1992
Weeks in top 150: 4 weeks
Crystal Smith, better known by her stage name Dimples D, burst onto the chart in early 1991 with "Sucker DJ", which topped the chart for two weeks in March.  The I Dream of Jeannie theme-sampling track would become Dimples' only release to trouble the top 100 in Australia.

"Sisters Keep on Doin' It" was lifted from Dimples' only album Dimples & Spice, which was released in Australia in December 1991 but missed the top 150.  This time, the "Peter Gunn Theme" forms the basis of the track, and Dimples D teamed up with Lady Spice, whose real name is Tawana Ramsey.
I hadn't heard this one before.  Vocally, it sounds quite different to me than "Sucker DJ" - I can't even really identify Dimples D's voice on it; though maybe that's because the vocals for "Sucker DJ" were recorded in 1983 for the track's original release "Sucker D.J.'s (I Will Survive)", and she was younger then.

I cannot find evidence of "Sisters Keep on Doin' It" charting elsewhere.

Number 131 "Just Another Girlfriend" by Hi-Five
Peak: number 107
Peak date: 10 February 1992
Weeks in top 150: 5 weeks

We last saw American R&B vocal quintet Hi-Five in 1991.

"Just Another Girlfriend" was issued as the third (in Australia) and final single from the group's debut album Hi-Five (number 102, July 1991).
Internationally, "Just Another Girlfriend" peaked at number 88 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in November 1991.

I don't normally care much for this sort of music, but found this track OK.
Hi-Five will next join us in 1993.

Number 141 "Rockwell Street" by Colour Blue
Peak: number 102
Peak dates: 24 February 1992 and 2 March 1992
Weeks in top 150: 8 weeks 

Colour Blue were an Australian group who only released two singles.  Their debut release "Peace" (number 82, July 1991) dented the lower region of the ARIA top 100.

It sounds to me like Colour Blue were a couple of years ahead of their time.  This track could have done better on the Australian chart had it been released in 1994-5, when R&B was gaining popularity locally.

Number 147 "Work That Magic" by Donna Summer
Peak: number 147
Peak date: 3 February 1992
Weeks in top 150: 1 week
Weeks on chart: 2 weeks

Donna Summer, born LaDonna Gaines, commenced her chart career in Australia in 1976 with "Love to Love You Baby" (number 4, April 1976).  Between then and 1992, she placed a further 19 singles on the Australian chart, with "I Feel Love" (number 1, October 1977) and "Hot Stuff" (number 1, July 1979) topping the chart.

Donna's last real hit in Australia was the Stock Aitken Waterman-produced "This Time I Know It's for Real" (number 40, October 1989), which took seven months to reach its eventual modest peak, after debuting at number 150 in March 1989.  She followed that up with "Love's About to Change My Heart" (number 71, November 1989), also from the Stock Aitken Waterman-produced album Another Time and Place (number 93, September 1989).
In the interim, Donna placed a compilation album outside the top 100 in Australia with The Best of Donna Summer (number 124, February 1991).  A remixed version of "Breakaway", from Another Place and Time, was released as a single to promote the compilation in Europe, but not in Australia.  It's a pity, because I really like the single version of that song!
"Work That Magic" was the second single lifted from Donna's fifteenth studio album Mistaken Identity, which was released in Australia in November 1991 but failed to chart.  It followed "When Love Cries", which was released with no accompanying music video, owing to Donna's sister Andrea dying around this time.

Internationally, "Work That Magic" peaked at number 74 in the UK in November 1991.

Domestically, "Work That Magic" performed strongest in Victoria/Tasmania, where it reached number 136.

I didn't hear this one until a couple of years ago, but really like it.  I think it could have become a hit if Donna was able to promote it effectively.

As you probably know, we lost Donna in 2012 aged 63, from lung cancer - an illness that also claimed the lives of her mother and sister.

We shall next see Donna in 1997.  Before then, Donna had another compilation peak outside the top 100 in Australia, with The Donna Summer Anthology (number 144, January 1994).

Bubbling WAY down under:
Number 152 "Places That Belong to You" by Barbra Streisand
Peak: number 152
Peak date: 3 February 1992
Weeks on chart: 3 weeks
We last saw Barbra Streisand in 1989

"Places That You Belong To" was a track recorded for the soundtrack to the movie The Prince of Tides, which Babs directed herself as well as starred in.

While that soundtrack missed the ARIA top 150, Babs had a recent compilation album that peaked outside the top 100: Just for the Record (number 126, November 1991).
Internationally, "Places That You Belong To" peaked at number 17 in the UK in March 1992, and at number 29 in Ireland during the same month.
Locally, "Places That You Belong To" 'belonged' most in Victoria/Tasmania, where it reached number 141.
Barbra will next join us in 1993.

Number 161 "Six O'Clock" by The Tyrrel Corporation
Peak: number 161
Peak date: 3 February 1992
Weeks on chart: 1 week

English duo The Tyrrel Corporation were made up of Joe Watson and Tony Barry.  "Six O'Clock" was the pair's debut release, lifted from their album North East of Eden (number 273, December 1992).
"Six O'Clock" missed the top 75 in the UK and did not chart anywhere else.  On the ARIA state charts, the single performed strongest in Western Australia, where it reached number 137.
The Tyrrel Corporation would go on to have a couple of other charting singles in Australia, though none would dent the top 150.  I wasn't aware of the group until about a decade ago, when one of their songs turned up on a music video compilation I'd bought.  I like the combination of soulful vocals and dance music on this track.
We'll next see The Tyrrel Corporation in May.

Number 162 "The Air You Breathe" by Bomb the Bass
Peak: number 162
Peak date: 3 February 1992
Weeks on chart: 3 weeks
Bomb the Bass last graced our presence in 1991.

"The Air You Breathe" was issued as the third single from the second Bomb the Bass album Unknown Territory (number 172, September 1991).  Internationally, the single peaked at number 52 in the UK in November 1991, and number 54 in the Netherlands in December 1991.
Within Australia, "The Air You Breathe" was most popular in Western Australia, where it reached number 138.
This would be the final Bomb the Bass single to peak outside the top 100 in Australia, although their third album Clear peaked at number 122 in May 1995.   Two later Bomb the Bass singles released locally that failed to chart were "Keep Giving Me Love" (September 1992) and "1 to 1 Religion" (June 1995).

Number 164 "Keep It Together" by Madonna
Peak: number 158
Peak date: 6 December 1993
Weeks on chart: 6 weeks
We last saw Madonna in 1991

"Keep It Together" was one of six singles (five in Australia) lifted from Madonna's fourth studio album Like a Prayer (number 4, March 1989).  The track was given a Soul II Soul-esque remix from the album version for single release, and issued as a single in North America and Japan.  "Keep It Together" was not originally released in Europe or Australasia, other than as the double A-side of "Vogue" (number 1, April 1990).
Despite not having a music video (the one embedded below is fan-made), "Keep It Together" peaked at number 8 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in March 1990, and at number 8 in Canada in April 1990.

"Keep It Together" was one among a bunch of earlier Madonna singles released on CD single format in Australia in July 1991.  I am not sure what spurred it to eventually chart almost seven months later, but here we are...

"Keep It Together" in its own right did not peak in Australia until December 1993, amid the frenzy accompanying Madonna's first tour of Australia, with The Girlie Show.  Spoiler alert: a couple of earlier Madonna singles will also re-chart (lowly) in the last few months of 1993.
On the ARIA state charts, "Keep It Together" performed strongest in Victoria/Tasmania, where it reached number 105.  The single peaked in 1992 in New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory and Queensland, and in 1993 on the remaining state charts.
Madonna will next join us in 1993.

Next week (10 February): Seven top 150 debuts and two bubbling WAY down under entries.

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27 January 2023

Week commencing 27 January 1992

Here's another week where I'd heard none of this week's debuts peaking outside the ARIA top 100 until writing this post.  Perhaps it's your first time hearing these songs, too?  Let's take a look.
Simple Minds: let there be flops.
Top 150 debuts:
Number 103 "Real Life" by Simple Minds
Peak: number 103
Peak date: 27 January 1992
Weeks in top 150: 6 weeks
Weeks on chart: 6 weeks

We last saw Scottish band Simple Minds in 1989, and also saw them in 1981.

"Real Life" was the title track and fourth single lifted from the band's ninth studio album Real Life (number 13, May 1991).  It followed "Let There Be Love" (number 15, May 1991), "See the Lights" (number 100, July 1991), and "Stand by Love" (number 70, October 1991).
Internationally, "Real Life" peaked at number 34 in the UK in November 1991.

Within Australia, the "Real Life" single performed strongest in Western Australia, where it reached number 73.  Nationally, the single performed marginally better on the Australian Music Report singles chart, peaking at number 100.

I don't recall hearing this one before.  I like it.

Simple Minds would go on to have one further single to peak outside the top 100 in Australia, in 2009.  Since it's extremely unlikely I will be still writing these posts beyond the very early 2000s, I will reveal the peak now: "Rockets" peaked at number 410 in June 2009.

A number of forthcoming Simple Minds albums also peaked outside the top 100 in Australia - N̩apolis (number 182, April 1998), Neon Lights (number 362, November 2001), Cry (number 313, June 2002), Graffiti Soul (number 128, June 2009), Celebrate РThe Greatest Hits+ Tour 2013 (number 736, April 2013), Big Music (number 273, December 2014), Acoustic (number 156, November 2016), and Live in the City of Angels (number 258, October 2019).

Number 140 Real Soul Pleaser (EP) by Psyclone Smyle
Peak: number 140
Peak date: 27 January 1992
Weeks in top 150: 1 week

Here's an act I'd never heard of before.  Psyclone Smyle were an Australian band, formed in Sydney in 1990, and splitting in 1994.  The Real Soul Pleaser EP was the band's only major label release during their tenure.  I have embedded the title track from the EP below, but the first track on the EP was the instrumental "Line Up".

Number 147 "Steady Mobbin'" by Ice Cube
Peak: number 147
Peak date: 27 January 1992
Weeks in top 150: 1 week

American rapper Ice Cube, born O'Shea Jackson, has graced our presence once before, as part of N.W.A., in December 1990.

"Steady Mobbin'" was the lead single from Ice's second solo album Death Certificate (number 141, February 1992).
Internationally, "Steady Mobbin'" peaked at number 3 on the US Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart in February 1992, and number 30 on the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart during the same month.
Ice Cube will join us next in 1993.

Number 148 "Power Windows" by Billy Falcon
Peak: number 136
Peak date: 10 February 1992
Weeks in top 150: 7 weeks
American singer-songwriter Billy Falcon, who I'd never heard of before, started his recording career in 1977.
"Power Windows" the lead single from Billy's sixth studio album Pretty Blue World.  Internationally, the single peaked at number 35 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in October 1991.  It was Billy's only Hot 100 entry, and his only release to dent the ARIA top 150.
Bubbling WAY down under:
Number 170 "All She Wrote" by Firehouse
Peak: number 169
Peak date: 3 February 1992
Weeks on chart: 4 weeks

American glam metal band Firehouse formed in 1989, at the tail end of hair metal's popularity.  The band scored two ARIA top 100 singles, with "Don't Treat Me Bad" (number 57, September 1991) and "Love of a Lifetime" (number 97, December 1991).

"All She Wrote" was the third and final single lifted from the FireHouse album (number 137, September 1991) in Australia.  Internationally, the single peaked at number 58 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in January 1992.

On the ARIA state charts, "All She Wrote" was most successful in Western Australia, where it reached number 140.

Firehouse will next join us in November.

Next week (3 February): Four top 150 debuts and four bubbling WAY down under entries.
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20 January 2023

Week commencing 20 January 1992

There isn't a common thread linking this week in 1992's new entries peaking outside the top 100, so let's just dive straight in.
Jo Beth Taylor: you probably don't own this single.
Top 150 debuts:
Number 129 "Big Sky Country" by Chris Whitley
Peak: number 125
Peak date: 27 January 1992
Weeks in top 150: 5 weeks
American blues/rock singer-songwriter Chris Whitley is an artist I'd never heard of until researching him for this post.  "Big Sky Country" was the second single released in Australia from Chris' debut album Living with the Law (number 109, November 1991).  It followed the album's title track, which was released locally in August 1991.
Internationally, "Big Sky Country" peaked at number 71 in the Netherlands in March 1992.  The song also reached number 35 on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in 1991.

Chris died from lung cancer in 2005, aged 45.

We shall see Chris again in April.

Number 131 "Pump This House Boy" by Choice
Peak: number 123
Peak date: 17 February 1992
Weeks in top 150: 7 weeks
Unfortunately, I cannot tell you anything about this track, other than it appears to be by an Australian house act.  The single was released in October 1991, and was only available on vinyl and cassette.  I could not find this track anywhere online to listen to.
Number 133 "Shameless" by Billy Joel
Peak: number 133
Peak dates: 20 January 1992 and 3 February 1992
Weeks in top 150: 5 weeks
Weeks on chart: 5 weeks
We last saw Billy Joel in February 1991.  "Shameless" was the sixth single in a row from Billy's Storm Front (number 1, November 1989) album to miss the top 100.  I am not sure why singles were still being released from the album more than two years after its release.

Internationally, "Shameless" peaked at number 40 on the US Adult Contemporary chart in January 1992.

Domestically, "Shameless" was most successful in Western Australia, where it reached number 99.
We'll next see Billy in 1994.

Number 138 "You Don't Own Me" by Jo Beth Taylor
Peak: number 137
Peak dates: 27 January 1992 and 3 February 1992
Weeks in top 150: 5 weeks
Born Joanne Guilfoyle, Jo Beth Taylor hails from Perth, Australia.  Jo Beth's first taste of chart success came as a backing vocalist on Melodian Records' (Molly Meldrum's record label) label mates Indecent Obsession's "Tell Me Something" (number 17, October 1989), on which she also appears in the music video.

Jo Beth's debut single "99 Reasons" dented the lower region of the top 40, peaking at number 31 in September 1991.

"You Don't Own Me", which is not a cover version of the Lesley Gore track of the same name, was the second and final single lifted from Jo Beth's only album 99 Reasons (number 109, August 1991).
I remember seeing the video for this one on Coca-Cola Power Cuts towards the end of 1991.  Peter Andre, who was also signed to Melodian Records but had not yet released anything, appears as a dancer in the video, as does actor Simon Baker, who was then known as Simon Denny.
Jo Beth released two singles after this, which dented the lower half of the top 100, "A Prayer for Jane" (number 61, September 1993) and "I Love My Dog" (number 95, January 1997).  Jo Beth is probably more known for her TV hosting gigs on Hey Hey It's Saturday and Australia's Funniest Home Video Show than for her music.

Number 139 "True Companion" by Marc Cohn
Peak: number 117
Peak date: 27 January 1992
Weeks in top 150: 9 weeks
We last saw Marc Cohn in September 1991

"True Companion" was issued as the third single from Marc's debut album Marc Cohn (number 31, September 1991).  Internationally, "True Companion" peaked at number 80 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in November 1991.
"True Companion" peaked 29 places higher on the Australian Music Report singles chart, reaching number 88.

I hadn't heard this one before.  It's nice.
We'll see Marc again in March.

Number 147 Splinter (EP) by Splinter
Peak: number 135
Peak date: 27 January 1992
Weeks in top 150: 3 weeks
Splinter were an American band from Ohio.  Unfortunately, this is another release I cannot tell you much about, other than it was a 4-track EP, and the lead track (which is not on YouTube) was titled "225".
Number 149 "Rhythm Is a Mystery" by K-Klass
Peak: number 130 (in 1994); number 138 (in 1992)
Peak dates: 27 January 1992 (original release); 14 November 1994 (1994 release)
Weeks in top 150: 8 weeks (3 weeks in 1992; 5 weeks in 1994)
Weeks on chart: 18 weeks (1992 and 1994 chart runs combined)
British electronic music group K-Klass formed in 1988.  "Rhythm Is a Mystery" was their debut Australian release, and would go on to appear on their 1993 album Universal (number 140, May 1994).
Internationally, "Rhythm Is a Mystery" peaked at number 3 in the UK in November 1991, after originally peaking at number 61 there in May 1991.  The single also reached number 7 in Ireland in November 1991.
In Australia, "Rhythm Is a Mystery" had two separate chart runs, with the single being re-issued in 1994 following the success of "Let Me Show You" (number 18, April 1994) - the band's only top 100 entry in Australia.  "Rhythm Is a Mystery" peaked eight places higher in November 1994.  The single peaked on all of the ARIA state charts in 1994, except Western Australia, where it reached number 98 in 1992.  "Rhythm Is a Mystery" performed strongest in South Australia/Northern Territory, where it reached number 85.

K-Klass will join us next in June.

Bubbling WAY down under: 

Number 171 "Move to Memphis" by a-ha
Peak: number 171
Peak date: 20 January 1992
Weeks on chart: 1 week
Norwegian band a-ha last graced our presence in January 1991

"Move to Memphis" was recorded as a new track for a-ha's first compilation album Headlines and Deadlines: The Hits of a-ha (number 162, February 1992).
Overseas, "Move to Memphis" peaked at number 2 in Norway, number 29 in Ireland in October 1991, number 47 in the UK in October 1991, number 61 in the Netherlands in November 1991, and number 39 in Germany in December 1991.
Domestically, "Move to Memphis" was most popular in New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory, where it reached number 144.

I do not enjoy the little I've heard of a-ha's 90s output in comparison to their 80s hits.

a-ha will join us again in 1993.

Next week (27 January): Four top 150 debuts and one bubbling WAY down under entry.

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17 January 2023

Kent Music Report beyond the top 100: 17 January 1983

Welcome to my 1983 recaps of the Kent Music Report 'singles receiving significant sales reports beyond the top 100' lists.
1983 was the year I started kindergarten, which in my state is the year before you commence primary school (it is known as pre-school in some other states).  Judging by the few photographs I have of myself at kindergarten, I was clearly not enjoying the experience, as I look so incredibly unhappy in all of them.  Or maybe I just hated posing for photographs from an early age...  I was also page boy at my uncle's wedding in early 1983 - another thing I hated doing, evident from the photographs.
Although it would still be a few years before I started following music and charts, 1983 was kind of the first year I took notice of the songs that radio were playing frequently.
Phil Collins couldn't break through the wall into the top 100 with this release.
Beyond the top 100:
Position 2 "Thru' These Walls" by Phil Collins
Highest rank: 1st
Peak date: 14 February 1983
Weeks on below list: 2 weeks
English singer-songwriter Phil Collins came to fame as part of the band Genesis.  Phil launched his solo career in 1981 with the single "In the Air Tonight" (number 3, May 1981) and the album Face Value (number 2, June 1981).

Despite Phil's initial success with his solo career, he didn't land a second hit proper in Australia until 1983, with his version of The Supremes' "You Can't Hurry Love" (number 3, February 1983).  Before then, "Thru' These Walls" was issued as the lead single from Phil's second solo album Hello, I Must Be Going! (number 15, March 1983).

"Thru' These Walls" was released in Australia in early November 1982, but took just over two months to bubble under the top 100.  Its eventual peak was reached following the release of the next single, "You Can't Hurry Love".

Internationally, "Thru' These Walls" also underperformed, peaking at number 56 in the UK in October 1982, number 27 in Ireland, and number 48 in the Netherlands in November 1982.

Of course, Phil would go on to become a more-consistent hit maker during the 1980s and early 1990s.

We'll see Phil bubble under next in 1991.

Next post (7 February): Two new singles bubbling under the top 100.

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13 January 2023

Week commencing 13 January 1992

Among this week in 1992's debuts peaking outside the top 100, we have two acts who had limited chart success in Australia, and a band who scored a decent number of hits but only ever had one top 10 single.  Shall we take a look?
Kirsty MacColl: all she ever wanted was a hit in Australia!
Top 150 debuts:
Number 139 "Fly Girl"/"Nature of a Sista'" by Queen Latifah
Peak: number 110
Peak date: 20 January 1992
Weeks in top 150: 7 weeks
American rapper, actress and singer Queen Latifah was born Dana Elaine Owens.  Her first taste of Australian chart success - of sorts - came in 1990, when she was a featured rapper on the B-side mix of David Bowie "Fame 90" (number 85, May 1990).
"Fly Girl"/"Nature of a Sista'" was the lead single from Queen Latifah's second album Nature of a Sista.  Surprisingly, this release was Queen Latifah's only ARIA top 150 entry in her own right.
Internationally, "Fly Girl"/"Nature of a Sista'" peaked at number 67 in the UK in August 1991, and number 38 in New Zealand in March 1992.  The single also had some success on the dubious US Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart, where it peaked at number 19 in October 1991, and on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, where it reached number 16 in November 1991.
The Queen Latifah song I am most familiar with, owing to catching the video several times on music TV program rage, is "U.N.I.T.Y." from 1994.


Number 145 "Castles in the Air" by Hoodoo Gurus
Peak: number 113
Peak date: 20 January 1992
Weeks in top 150: 6 weeks
Weeks on chart: 6 weeks

Australian band Hoodoo Gurus formed in Sydney in 1981.  Between 1983 and 1991, the group placed 17 singles on the Australian top 100, with "What's My Scene" (number 3, May 1987) being their biggest hit and only top 10 single.

"Castles in the Air" was issued as the fourth and final single from Hoodoo Gurus' fifth studio album Kinky (number 4, May 1991).  It followed the singles "Miss Freelove '69" (number 19, April 1991), "1000 Miles Away" (number 37, July 1991), and "A Place in the Sun" (number 89, August 1991).

On the state charts, "Castles in the Air" performed strongest in Queensland, where it reached number 95.

There does not appear to have been a music video filmed for "Castles in the Air".

Hoodoo Gurus will next join us in 1994.
Bubbling WAY down under:
Number 173 "All I Ever Wanted" by Kirsty MacColl
Peak: number 154
Peak date: 27 January 1992
Weeks on chart: 3 weeks
We last saw English singer-songwriter Kirsty MacColl in 1989

"All I Ever Wanted" was released as the third single - though second in Australia - from Kirsty's third studio album Electric Landlady (number 86, October 1991).  It followed "Walking Down Madison" (number 58, September 1991), which was Kirsty's only solo top 100 single in Australia.
Kirsty's collaborations with other artists have landed her some minor success on the Australian charts.  She sang backing vocals and appeared in the music video for Billy Bragg's "Sexuality" (number 46, September 1991), and also played a prominent role on The Wonder Stuff's "Welcome to the Cheap Seats" (number 64, May 1992), on which she also features in the video.
More-recently, Kirsty's duet with The Pogues, "Fairytale of New York", which never charted in Australia upon its original release in December 1987, has gained popularity around Christmas time, and to date has reached a peak of number 45 locally, in January 2023.

"All I Ever Wanted" missed the top 75 in Kirsty's homeland, where "My Affair" was issued as the second Electric Landlady single, peaking at number 56 in the UK in August 1991.
On the ARIA state charts, "All I Ever Wanted" was most popular in New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory, where it reached number 142.

We shall next see Kirsty in 1993.

Next week (20 January): Seven new top 150 debuts and one bubbling WAY down under entry.  Also, stay tuned for my 1983 recaps, commencing on Tuesday 17 January 2023.

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06 January 2023

Week commencing 6 January 1992

Welcome to my 1992 chart recaps!  1992 was the first year I was a teenager for the whole year, having turned 13 towards the end of 1991.  In 1992, I was in year 8, which is the second year of high school in Victoria.  My memories of 1992 are that it was a good year, both personally and for music.
Some particular things I recall about 1992 are getting our first computer at home, getting braces on my bottom teeth, buying my first CD single, and listening to a lot of Shakespears Sister.  I started taking piano lessons in 1992, and continued with these for five and a half years, though only practised the afternoon of my lesson for about the final three years... which is probably one reason I'm now writing blog posts and not giving piano recitals.
1992 was the year that I discovered the radio program UK Chart Attack, which I'll no doubt make many references to in my posts for this year.
I continued to buy Smash Hits magazine in 1992, although I felt increasingly alienated from its target audience, having zero interest in Beverly Hills 90210 and its spin-off shows - which the magazine seemed to become filled with and, of course, have nothing to do with pop music.  In 1992, I widened my music magazine-reading circle by picking up the free monthly Brashs magazines you could get from their retail outlets.

In 1992, I decided to start collecting the ARIA top 50 chart print-outs available in record stores properly, only missing two or three weeks from the whole year (the last one of those being in February or March 1992) - thanks to my mother dutifully popping into Brashs to pick up the chart during her lunch break on Mondays.  I even asked my mother to not bend the charts, if she could, and she would roll them up and place a rubber band around them to prevent creases.  The things our parents do for us, hey?  Before 1992, I collected the printed charts much more sporadically.
What were your memories of 1992?  Were they good or bad?  Join me as we take a look back at songs that flopped on the Australian charts in 1992.  There were 263 singles that peaked in the 101-150 region of the ARIA singles chart in 1992, including two that no-one knows what they are (one of which we'll see this week).  At the time of writing, there are also another 114 singles peaking outside the top 150 that I have chart information for.

Lloyd Cole did not exactly cause a commotion on the Australian charts with his releases.

Top 150 debuts:

Number 142 "So Tell Me Why" by Poison
Peak: number 142
Peak date: 6 January 1992
Weeks in top 150: 2 weeks
Weeks on chart: 6 weeks

We last saw hair metal band Poison in March 1991.
"So Tell Me Why" was one of four studio tracks included as a bonus on the otherwise live album  Swallow This Live (number 46, December 1991).  I remember seeing the cassingle for this one in the shops, but had not actually heard the song until writing this post.

Internationally, "So Tell Me Why" peaked at number 25 in the UK in November 1991.

Locally, "So Tell Me Why" was most popular in Victoria/Tasmania, where it reached number 114 on the state chart.

I don't normally buy into the lazy 'grunge changed everything' narrative for the 90s, but Poison's brand of metal/rock, combined with their image, was clearly well on the way out by the start of 1992.

That being said, we will see Poison bubble under again in 1993.

Number 144 Unknown Single by Unknown Artist
Peak: number 143
Peak dates: 13 January 1992 and 20 January 1992
Weeks in top 150: 3 weeks

Like everything else, the ARIA database is not immune from mistakes/errors, and here we have a blank title from an unknown artist that dented the top 150.  Spoiler alert: another such title appears in November 1992.

I asked my contact at ARIA if they could look into this, and, unfortunately, the identity of either song was not able to be determined.  My contact even dug up the old version of the database, and the titles were also blank then!

Number 145 "Boys to Men" by New Edition
Peak: number 134
Peak date: 3 February 1992
Weeks in top 150: 5 weeks
Weeks on chart: 7 weeks
American r&b vocal group New Edition formed in 1978, when each of its members were teenagers or younger.  Originally a five-piece, the group landed a major international hit in 1983 with "Candy Girl" (number 10, August 1983), which also made its way into the top 10 in Australia.  Unfortunately for the group, that would be their only real hit in Australia... until 1996, when a reformed New Edition released "Hit Me Off" (number 16, September 1996).

In the interim years, Bobby Brown quit the group in 1985 to launch a solo career, and he was replaced by Johnny Gill in 1987.  Of course, the group also spawned the successful careers of Bell Biv DeVoe and Ralph Tresvant.

"Boys to Men", which I assume was the inspiration behind the band name of Boyz II Men, originally appeared on New Edition's fifth studio album Heart Break, released in 1988.  Neither that album nor any of its singles charted in Australia.

"Boys to Men" was issued as a single in late 1991 to promote New Edition's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (number 140, January 1992) compilation album.  The track does not appear to have received a single release in 1988, but I assume was chosen in 1991 given the success of Boyz II Men.
I cannot find evidence of "Boys to Men" charting elsewhere.  On the ARIA state charts, the single performed strongest in Victoria/Tasmania, where it reached number 121.
This would be New Edition's last single to peak outside the top 100 in Australia.  Two later albums, however, bubbled (well) under: One Love (number 296, November 2004) and Gold (number 479, January 2006).

Number 146 Spin (EP) by The Killjoys
Peak: number 136
Peak date: 27 January 1992
Weeks in top 150: 5 weeks

Before researching this track, I had assumed, from the band's name, that The Killjoys might be a pub rock trash metal kind of act.  How wrong I was!

Australian band The Killjoys formed in Melbourne in 1987, with Anna Burley on lead vocals and guitar, and Craig Pilkington on lead guitar and vocals.

The lead track from the EP, "Calling Me On" - which I have embedded the music video for below, has an early 90s female vocal folky/alternative vibe that could have had greater chart success (well, maybe top 75) - perhaps if it had been released after the success of Frente!

The Killjoys had previously charted on the albums chart with Ruby (number 144, February 1991).  Both that and the Spin EP would be the band's only ARIA top 150 entries.

Number 148 "D-O-G Me Out" by Guy
Peak: number 148
Peak date: 6 January 1992
Weeks in top 150: 1 week

We last saw American r&b group Guy in February 1991.
"D-O-G Me Out" was lifted from Guy's second album The Future (number 129, February 1991).

Internationally, "D-O-G Me Out" peaked at number 8 on the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in October 1991.  This would be the last Guy single to dent the ARIA top 150.

I don't normally like this sort of music a whole lot, but I thought this track, which I hadn't heard before, wasn't bad.

Number 149 "She's a Girl and I'm a Man" by Lloyd Cole
Peak: number 149
Peak date: 6 January 1992
Weeks in top 150: 1 week

English singer Lloyd Cole came to fame as the named front man of the band Lloyd Cole and The Commotions, who placed five singles on the Australian top 100 across 1985 and 1986.   The band's biggest 'hit' in Australia was "Lost Weekend", which peaked at number 49 in February 1986.  Interestingly, Lloyd Cole and The Commotions placed another three singles on the Kent/Australian Music Report's singles receiving significant sales reports beyond the top 100 lists between 1986 and 1988.

Lloyd embarked on a solo career in 1990, placing one single in the ARIA top 100, with "No Blue Skies" (number 86, April 1990).

"She's a Girl and I'm a Man" was the lead single from Lloyd's second solo album Don't Get Weird on Me Babe (number 108, November 1991).

Internationally, "She's a Girl..." peaked at number 55 in the UK in August 1991, and number 27 in Sweden in October 1991.

"She's a Girl and I'm a Man" would become Lloyd's final ARIA top 150 entry.

Number 150 "Is There Anybody Out There?" by Bassheads
Peak: number 140
Peak date: 10 February 1992
Weeks in top 150: 5 weeks

Bassheads were a British house duo hailing from Wirral.  "Is There Anybody Out There?" was their debut single.  Internationally, the single peaked at number 5 in the UK in November 1991, number 10 in Ireland in November 1991, number 19 in the Netherlands in February 1992, number 47 in the Flanders region of Belgium in February 1992, and number 48 in New Zealand in March 1992.
This track would be Bassheads' only top 150 entry in Australia.

Next week (13 January): A mere two top 150 debuts, joined by one bubbling WAY down under entry.

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31 December 2022

1991 - the chart year in review

Below is a list of all of the singles debuting in the top 150 in 1991 that peaked within the 101 to 150 region of the ARIA singles chart, conveniently in one location:



2 IN A ROOM Do What You Want/Take Me Away 120 16/09/1991 5
38 SPECIAL The Sound of Your Voice 133 23/09/1991 6
3RD BASS Pop Goes the Weasel 122 22/07/1991 5
808 STATE In Yer Face 108 1/04/1991 9
808 STATE featuring BJORK Ooops 143 3/06/1991 3
A HOMEBOY, A HIPPIE & A FUNKI DREDD Total Confusion 136 21/01/1991 4
ADVENTURES OF STEVIE V Body Language 108 18/03/1991 5
AL B. SURE! Missunderstanding 137 21/01/1991 1
ALEXANDER O'NEAL All True Man 142 25/03/1991 1
ALIAS Waiting For Love 135 17/06/1991 2
ALICE COOPER Love's a Loaded Gun 125 14/10/1991 4
ANOTHER BAD CREATION Playground 138 5/08/1991 1
ASHLEY CLEVELAND Willy 131 13/05/1991 13
B.G. THE PRINCE OF RAP Give Me the Music 105 21/10/1991 4
BACHELORS FROM PRAGUE Great 130 16/12/1991 9
BAD ENGLISH Straight To Your Heart 116 14/10/1991 8
BANANARAMA Preacher Man 147 4/03/1991 1
BEN LIEBRAND featuring TONY SCOTT Move To the Bigband 117 25/03/1991 7
BETH NIELSEN CHAPMAN All I Have 109 21/10/1991 7
BETTE MIDLER Wind Beneath My Wings (1991 re-entry) 144 14/01/1991 2
BEVERLEY CRAVEN Promise Me 117 9/09/1991 5
BIG SECRET Big Secret 141 28/10/1991 5
BILLY BRAGG You Woke Up My Neighbourhood 107 4/11/1991 6
BILLY JOEL Stormfront 114 4/02/1991 7
BINGOBOYS featuring ARNOLD JARVIS and PRINCESSA Borrowed Love 104 15/07/1991 9
BIZARRE INC Such a Feeling 150 4/11/1991 1
BLUR There's No Other Way 113 2/09/1991 7
BOOM CRASH OPERA The Best Thing (1990 re-issue) 112 14/01/1991 9
BUTTHOLE SURFERS The Hurdy Gurdy Man 147 18/03/1991 1
CANDY HARLOTS Danger 107 16/09/1991 12
CANDYMAN Melt In Your Mouth 118 22/04/1991 6
CATFISH Johnny's Gone 129 8/07/1991 8
CELINE DION The Last To Know 134 23/09/1991 6
CHAD JACKSON Hear the Drummer (Get Wicked) 145 7/01/1991 1
CHER Baby I'm Yours 146 7/01/1991 1
CHER Save Up All Your Tears 114 28/10/1991 5
CHESNEY HAWKES The One and Only 103 20/05/1991 16
CHOIRBOYS Place With No Love 110 8/07/1991 6
CHOSEN FEW When the Boat Comes In 126 14/01/1991 7
CHRIS DE BURGH The Simple Truth 120 3/06/1991 4
CHRIS LLOYDS & LAURIN JAMES Sometimes When We Touch 114 21/10/1991 16
CHRIS REA Auberge 101 18/03/1991 6
CLIFF RICHARD We Don't Talk Anymore (Remix) 111 25/11/1991 8
CLUB HOY House On Fire 134 23/09/1991 8
CLUBLAND featuring QUARTZ Let's Get Busy (Pump It Up) 139 7/01/1991 1
COLA BOY 7 Ways To Love 115 2/09/1991 5
COLLETTE This Will Be (Everlasting Love) 122 8/04/1991 9
CRASH TEST DUMMIES Superman's Song 133 18/11/1991 9
CULTURE BEAT No Deeper Meaning 126 4/11/1991 11
DADDY FREDDY Daddy Freddy's In Town 121 26/08/1991 7
DAMIEN LOVELOCK The Dalai Lama 115 16/09/1991 12
DANA DAWSON Romantic World 113 28/10/1991 14
DEACON BLUE Twist and Shout 130 16/09/1991 6
DEBORAH HARRY & IGGY POP Well, Did You Evah! 106 18/02/1991 7
DEEE-LITE Good Beat 105 13/05/1991 6
DEGENERATES Out of My Head 126 22/07/1991 4
DEL AMITRI Spit In the Rain 118 8/04/1991 7
DIED PRETTY D.C. 124 23/09/1991 7
DINO Romeo 105 28/01/1991 8
DIVINYLS Make Out Alright 105 17/06/1991 8
D-MAN Rock It On 118 25/11/1991 11
DREAD ZEPPELIN Heartbreaker (At the End of Lonely Street) 138 11/02/1991 5
DREAM WARRIORS Ludi 117 1/07/1991 5
ELVIS COSTELLO So Like Candy 129 26/08/1991 6
ENIGMA Principles of Lust 111 19/08/1991 4
EUROPE Prisoners In Paradise 129 28/10/1991 5
EVERYDAY PEOPLE Headline News 140 21/01/1991 2
FOREIGNER Lowdown and Dirty 123 24/06/1991 8
GANG STARR Take a Rest 143 16/12/1991 3
GARY CLAIL ON-U SOUND SYSTEM Escape 117 14/10/1991 5
GARY MOORE featuring ALBERT COLLINS Too Tired 130 4/02/1991 7
GEORGE THOROGOOD & THE DESTROYERS If You Don't Start Drinkin' (I'm Gonna Leave) 109 25/03/1991 9
GERARDO We Want the Funk 128 19/08/1991 5
GLORIA ESTEFAN Seal Our Fate 112 13/05/1991 7
GLORIA ESTEFAN Anything For You (re-issue) 118 16/09/1991 2
GUY I Wanna Get With U 129 11/02/1991 2
HAPPY MONDAYS Loose Fit 117 22/04/1991 10
HARD-ONS Where Did She Come From? 130 7/01/1991 3
HARRIET Temple of Love 149 22/04/1991 1
HI-FIVE I Can't Wait Another Minute 112 30/09/1991 5
HOLLY JOHNSON Where Has Love Gone? 147 21/01/1991 1
HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS It Hit Me Like a Hammer 106 26/08/1991 5
HURRICANE Next To You 150 7/01/1991 1
ICEHOUSE Where the River Meets the Sea 124 1/04/1991 7
INFORMATION SOCIETY Think 132 4/02/1991 10
IZABELLA I Write You a Love Song 140 26/08/1991 3
JAM ON THE MUTHA Hotel California 144 11/02/1991 1
JASON DONOVAN I'm Doing Fine 123 4/03/1991 6
JASON MARTIN Take Us To the Top 145 12/08/1991 2
JAZZI P Feel the Rhythm 138 21/01/1991 2
JEFF WAYNE The Eve of the War (Ben Liebrand Remix) 112 9/09/1991 4
JELLYFISH The King Is Half Undressed 111 6/05/1991 5
JESUS JONES Real Real Real 117 7/10/1991 8
JESUS LOVES YOU Bow Down Mister 142 20/05/1991 3
JIMMY SOMERVILLE To Love Somebody 146 25/02/1991 1
JOE JACKSON Stranger Than Fiction 119 29/04/1991 10
JOE JACKSON Hit Single 129 9/09/1991 6
JOHN WILLIAMSON A Flag of Our Own 119 12/08/1991 7
JOHN WILLIAMSON Waratah Street 142 4/11/1991 3
JOHNNY GILL My My My 122 11/02/1991 9
JULIE ANTHONY Ordinary Miracles 141 23/09/1991 2
KEEDY Save Some Love 145 8/07/1991 2
KEITH SWEAT I'll Give All My Love To You 148 15/04/1991 1
KEITH URBAN Only You 101 24/06/1991 8
KELLY MARIE Feels Like I'm In Love (90's PWL Remix) 149 18/03/1991 1
KID SENSATION Back To Boom 141 21/01/1991 1
KIM APPLEBY Don't Worry 119 7/01/1991 6
LAMONT DOZIER AND PHIL COLLINS The Quiet's Too Loud 136 30/09/1991 4
LISA FISCHER How Can I Ease the Pain 117 2/09/1991 7
LISETTE MELENDEZ Together Forever 106 15/04/1991 14
LISETTE MELENDEZ A Day In My Life (Without You) 135 11/11/1991 5
LONDONBEAT No Woman No Cry 109 17/06/1991 7
LONNIE GORDON If I Have To Stand Alone 147 4/02/1991 2
LONNIE GORDON Gonna Catch You 145 22/07/1991 2
LOUDEST WHISPER Kanon 114 13/05/1991 8
LOUIE LOUIE Rodeo Clown 144 21/01/1991 1
LOUIE THE LIP Up There Cazaly '91 105 5/08/1991 5
LUTHER VANDROSS Power of Love/Love Power 109 8/07/1991 9
MADONNA Holiday (re-issue) 144 15/07/1991 3
MARC COHN Silver Thunderbird 107 30/09/1991 9
MARILYN MONROE Some Like It Hot (EP) 140 1/07/1991 1
MARK STEVENS This Is the Way To Heaven 118 29/07/1991 9
MARK WILLIAMS Spell Is Broken 115 28/01/1991 14
MAXI PRIEST Human Work of Art 142 28/01/1991 1
MC HAMMER Yo!! Sweetness 149 1/07/1991 1
MC HAMMER (Hammer Hammer) They Put Me In the Mix 149 7/10/1991 1
MICHAEL BOLTON Time, Love and Tenderness 111 26/08/1991 7
MICHAEL BOLTON When a Man Loves a Woman 122 11/11/1991 13
MIGHTY BIG CRIME Sugar Daddy 135 8/07/1991 8
MIKE & THE MECHANICS Get Up 150 19/08/1991 1
MONDO ROCK Soul Reason 140 17/06/1991 3
MONTY PYTHON Always Look On the Bright Side of Life 119 4/11/1991 4
MORRISSEY Our Frank 127 18/03/1991 6
NATALIE COLE The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire) 104 9/12/1991 6
NED'S ATOMIC DUSTBIN Happy 101 20/05/1991 8
NELSON Only Time Will Tell 124 23/09/1991 6
NICK BARKER AND THE REPTILES Miles To Go 103 9/09/1991 5
NIKKI D Hang On Kid 112 12/08/1991 5
NILS LOFGREN (featuring BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN) Valentine 119 13/05/1991 12
N-JOI Adrenalin 134 27/05/1991 2
N-JOI Anthem 141 27/05/1991 2
NO JUSTICE More Than a Girlfriend 121 8/04/1991 9
NOMAD Something Special 146 2/12/1991 1
OLETA ADAMS Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me 107 11/11/1991 5
ONE-EYED JACKS Falling 135 10/06/1991 2
ORCHESTRA JB Come Alive 150 22/07/1991 1
ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK Pandora's Box (1st issue) 123 2/09/1991 8
OZZY OSBOURNE No More Tears 105 14/10/1991 6
PAT BENATAR True Love 107 10/06/1991 4
PAUL KELLY & THE MESSENGERS Don't Start Me Talking 105 18/03/1991 8
PAUL KELLY & THE MESSENGERS Keep It To Yourself 146 10/06/1991 1
PAUL SIMON Proof 134 18/02/1991 7
PAUL YOUNG Don't Dream It's Over 114 14/10/1991 6
PET SHOP BOYS Jealousy 147 19/08/1991 3
PET SHOP BOYS DJ Culture 130 25/11/1991 6
PETER GABRIEL Solsbury Hill (re-issue) 121 4/02/1991 10
PETER WELLS Between the Saddle and the Ground 131 14/01/1991 8
PIXIES Planet of Sound 128 5/08/1991 3
POISON Ride the Wind 113 4/03/1991 9
PRAISE Only You 131 3/06/1991 5
QUEEN Headlong 119 15/04/1991 4
QUEENSRYCHE Silent Lucidity 104 1/07/1991 16
R.E.M. Radio Song 105 25/11/1991 9
RAY PARKER JR. She Needs To Get Some 145 19/08/1991 1
RED NOT BLUE Blow Westerly 124 1/04/1991 7
RED NOT BLUE Hunger 125 17/06/1991 10
REDHEAD KINGPIN AND THE FBI Get It Together 140 3/06/1991 3
REDHEAD KINGPIN AND THE FBI Love Thang 148 19/08/1991 1
RIC OCASEK Rockaway 139 29/07/1991 4
RICK ASTLEY Move Right Out 110 17/06/1991 6
ROBBIE ROBERTSON What About Now 133 11/11/1991 11
ROBERT PALMER You're Amazing 103 18/02/1991 7
ROCOCO Dance Invasion 150 3/06/1991 1
RUSSELL MORRIS A Thousand Suns 118 19/08/1991 12
RYTHM SYNDICATE Hey Donna 110 28/10/1991 7
SAMANTHA FOX (Hurt Me! Hurt Me!) But the Pants Stay On 123 1/07/1991 6
SCHNELL FENSTER Heroes Let You Down 132 1/07/1991 6
SCORPIONS Send Me an Angel 108 9/12/1991 12
SCOTT CARNE Freedom 110 28/01/1991 11
SCRITTI POLITTI Take Me In Your Arms and Love Me 113 26/08/1991 4
SHANE HOWARD Here and Now 132 21/01/1991 2
SHEENA EASTON You Can Swing It 107 29/07/1991 4
SHEILA E. Droppin' Like Flies 113 17/06/1991 7
SHUT UP AND DANCE (1991 Remix) 142 14/10/1991 2
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES Shadowtime 148 9/12/1991 1
SLAUGHTER Fly To the Angels 140 4/03/1991 4
SONIC YOUTH Dirty Boots 145 6/05/1991 1
STEELTOWN Hero 143 26/08/1991 3
STEPHEN CUMMINGS Stand Up (Love Is the Greatest) 142 3/06/1991 3
STEVE WINWOOD I Will Be Here 121 11/03/1991 5
STING Mad About You 109 22/04/1991 6
STING The Soul Cages 135 24/06/1991 4
STRAITJACKET FITS Down In Splendour 146 17/06/1991 2
STRAY CATS Struck By Lightning 143 25/02/1991 3
STRESS Beautiful People 132 28/01/1991 7
SURFACE The First Time 103 11/02/1991 10
SUSANNA HOFFS Only Love 135 19/08/1991 3
S-WITCH It's a Shame 105 16/09/1991 8
SYDNEY YOUNGBLOOD Hooked On You 120 12/08/1991 9
TALL TALES AND TRUE Superstition Highway 134 18/03/1991 2
TALL TALES AND TRUE Lifeboat 129 14/10/1991 8
TECHNO-COLOR featuring TWIGGY Unchained Melody 102 28/01/1991 9
THE BELOVED It's Alright Now 150 14/01/1991 1
THE CELIBATE RIFLES Grooving In the Land of Love 123 16/12/1991 12
THE CHARLATANS Over Rising 146 15/04/1991 1
THE COVER GIRLS Funk Boutique 150 22/04/1991 1
THE DOORS Light My Fire (re-issue) 130 8/07/1991 4
THE FARGONE BEAUTIES Wild Thing (Theme From Bonanza) 140 27/05/1991 6
THE FARM Groovy Train 113 21/01/1991 11
THE FARM All Together Now 102 22/04/1991 7
THE FIXX How Much Is Enough 119 8/04/1991 8
THE JUSTIFIED ANCIENTS OF MU MU It's Grim Up North 136 25/11/1991 1
THE MIDNIGHT SHIFT featuring ROBIN WRIGHT and ISSY VAN RANDWYCK California Dreamin 134 1/07/1991 6
THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS Until She Comes 146 12/08/1991 1
THE REELS I Don't Love You Anymore 125 12/08/1991 10
THE REMBRANDTS Someone 104 12/08/1991 17
THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (re-issue) 129 11/03/1991 4
THE RIPTIDES Stop (Don't Start) 138 6/05/1991 5
THE ROLLING STONES Sexdrive 133 29/07/1991 6
THE SHAMEN Move Any Mountain - Progen 91 104 26/08/1991 18
THE SISTERS OF MERCY Doctor Jeep 125 25/03/1991 9
THE SLOW CLUB When Love Comes Down 121 15/07/1991 5
THE STONE ROSES I Wanna Be Adored 141 18/11/1991 3
THE WATERBOYS The Whole of the Moon (re-issue) 107 6/05/1991 6
THE WELCOME MAT Fairydust (EP) 147 9/12/1991 1
THE ZOO featuring MICK FLEETWOOD and BILLY THORPE Shakin the Cage 142 8/04/1991 3
THIRD EYE Pray 117 19/08/1991 5
THOMPSON TWINS Come Inside 149 21/10/1991 1
TINA TURNER Way of the World 117 9/12/1991 11
TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS Into the Great Wide Open 112 30/09/1991 7
TOMMY PAGE Whenever You Close Your Eyes 136 24/06/1991 5
TONE LOC All Through the Night 106 9/12/1991 10
TONY! TONI! TONE! House Party II (I Don't Know What You Come To Do) 141 18/11/1991 4
TRAVELING WILBURYS Inside Out 117 11/02/1991 6
TRAVELING WILBURYS Wilbury Twist 137 15/04/1991 6
TRICKY DISCO Tricky Disco 141 7/01/1991 1
TWENTY 4 SEVEN I Can't Stand It 130 18/02/1991 5
URBAN DANCE SQUAD Fastlane 146 24/06/1991 1
UTAH SAINTS What Can You Do For Me 143 4/11/1991 6
VANESSA WILLIAMS Running Back To You 102 14/10/1991 9
VANILLA ICE I Love You/Stop That Train 103 15/04/1991 5
VIOLENT FEMMES American Music 118 17/06/1991 6
WHITNEY HOUSTON My Name Is Not Susan 118 24/06/1991 11
WILSON PHILLIPS You're In Love 108 29/04/1991 7
YA KID K Awesome (You Are My Hero) 111 3/06/1991 6
YOUNG MC Pick Up the Pace 1990 147 15/04/1991 4
ZOE Sunshine On a Rainy Day 147 9/09/1991 4
ZUCCHERO & PAUL YOUNG Senza Una Donna (Without a Woman) 113 9/09/1991 8
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