13 February 2020

Week commencing 13 February 1989

Unusually, there are no new top 150 debuts of singles peaking within the 101-150 range of the chart this week; the only time this occurs in 1989.

Rod Stewart: Advanced Hair?  Oh yeah!

There are, however, two outside the top 150 debuts/peaks I have information for.

Bubbling WAY Down Under:

Number 162 "Harvest for the World" by The Christians
Peak: number 162
Peak date: 13 February 1989
Weeks on chart: 1 week
Liverpudlian band The Christians were so-named owing to Christian being the surname of the band's three founding members, who were also brothers.  The group placed two singles on the Australian top 100 chart in 1988: "When the Fingers Point" (number 73, April 1988) and "Ideal World" (number 89, May 1988).  Both tracks were lifted from the band's debut album The Christians (number 64, April 1988).
Nothing else The Christians released would dent the top 100 in Australia, other than the Hillsborough tragedy charity single "Ferry Cross the Mersey" (number 45, June 1989), on which they performed, along with other recording artists from Liverpool.  "Forgotten Town" registered on the South Australia/Northern Territory state chart, peaking at number 88 in July 1988, but did not chart nationally - this was when the ARIA chart did not extend beyond number 100.

"Harvest for the World", an Isley Brothers cover version, was a non-album single recorded for charity.  The single reached number 8 in the band's native UK in October 1988, becoming their highest-charting single there (not counting "Ferry Cross the Mersey", which went to number 1).  "Harvest for the World" also reached number 4 in Ireland, and made the top 40 in the Netherlands and the Flanders region of Belgium.
On the ARIA state charts, "Harvest for the World" performed strongest in Western Australia, where it reached number 77.

We shall see The Christians again in 1990.

Number 164 "My Heart Can't Tell You No" by Rod Stewart
Peak: number 164
Peak date: 13 February 1989
Weeks on chart: 1 week

The third single from the Out of Order album, and the second to miss the ARIA top 100, following "Forever Young" (released locally in August 1988), this track peaked at number 49 in Rod's native UK - though oddly three months after it charted here!  Rod will join us next in August 1989.

Next week: the return of two artists who've already had one top 150 'success' in 1989, and a song that samples a song which was prominently sampled on a Prodigy hit from the mid-90s.

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