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Week commencing 1 June 1992

Five of this week in 1992's six new entries peaking between numbers 101 and 150 climbed no higher than their entry position, which is an unusual occurrence.  Shall we take a look?

Before doing so, I have updated the following post:

* 28 August 1989 - newly-uncovered bubbling WAY down under entry for Eartha Kitt and Bronski Beat.
M People: not quite moving on up into the ARIA top 200 yet.
Top 150 debuts:
Number 123 "Take My Advice" by Kym Sims
Peak: number 123
Peak date: 1 June 1992
Weeks in top 150: 4 weeks
Weeks on chart: 4 weeks

We last saw American songstress Kym Sims in March 1992.
"Take My Advice" was the second single lifted from Kym's only album Too Blind to See It, which was released in Australia in April 1992 but did not chart.  I wasn't aware of this track until it appeared on a UK VHS compilation I was digitising in the late 2000s.  I am surprised that it was the bigger of Kym's two 'hits' in Australia, given that I knew the other one quite well at the time, thanks to hearing it on the American Top 40 radio show.

Internationally, "Take My Advice" peaked at number 13 in the UK in April 1992, number 18 in Ireland in April 1992, and number 86 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in May 1992.  For what it's worth (not much in my book), "Take My Advice" fared much better on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, matching the number 5 peak of its predecessor in June 1992.

Within Australia, "Take My Advice" was most popular in New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory, where it reached number 99.

"Take My Advice", which has producer Steve "Silk" Hurley's trademark sound, would be Kym's final charting release in Australia.  Another single, "We Gotta Love", was issued locally in July 1996, but did not chart.  Meanwhile, Kym enjoyed middling success with a third single from her Too Blind to See It album, "A Little Bit More", which reached number 30 in the UK in June 1992.

I had wondered whether the male dancer in the "Take My Advice" video was LL Cool J, but apparently it's just a lookalike!
While we won't see Kym again, a song she wrote performed by another artist will appear in July 1992.

Number 124 "Story of the Blues" by Gary Moore
Peak: number 124
Peak date: 1 June 1992
Weeks in top 150: 13 weeks
Weeks on chart: 14 weeks
We last saw Northern Irish guitar maestro Gary Moore in 1991.

"Story of the Blues" was the second single lifted from Gary's ninth solo studio album After Hours (number 8, April 1992). It followed "Cold Day in Hell" (number 42, March 1992).
Internationally, "Story of the Blues" peaked at number 40 in the UK in May 1992, number 99 in Germany in June 1992, and number 50 in the Netherlands in June 1992.  The track also reached number 37 on the meaningless US Billboard Mainstream Rock Airplay chart in July 1992.

Domestically, "Story of the Blues" performed strongest in South Australia/Northern Territory, where it reached number 106.

In Australia, the chart run for "Story of the Blues" was split in two, falling out of the top 150 after its initial six-week run for two weeks, before returning for another seven weeks and climbing back to number 132.  "Story of the Blues" was still charting in early September 1992.

I don't recall hearing this one before.  It's very reminiscent of Gary's "Still Got the Blues (For You)"; almost as though he was trying to record a sequel to that track.
A third single released from After Hours, "Separate Ways", came out in Australia in October 1992 but failed to chart.
We will next see Gary in 1993.

Number 135 "Word Is Almost At Peace" by Ghostwriters
Peak: number 135
Peak date: 1 June 1992
Weeks in top 150: 3 weeks

Australian band Ghostwriters last graced our presence in February 1992.
"World Almost At Peace" was the third and final single lifted from the group's debut album Ghostwriters (number 96, January 1992).
I don't recall hearing this one before.  I quite liked it, and enjoyed it more than their actual one hit in Australia, "...Someone's Singing New York New York" (number 29, December 1991).

We shall next see Ghostwriters in 1996.

Number 138 "Cold Wind" by The Celibate Rifles
Peak: number 138
Peak date: 1 June 1992
Weeks in top 150: 3 weeks
We last saw Australian band The Celibate Rifles in 1991.
"Cold Wind" was the second single lifted from the band's seventh studio album Heaven on a Stick (number 51, March 1992), not counting their contribution of two tracks on a shared EP with Hard-Ons, Where the Wild Things Are (number 51, March 1992).

This would be the last top 150 single for The Celibate Rifles.  They had later top 150-charting albums with Yizgarnnoff (number 103, May 1993), and Spaceman in a Satin Suit (number 124, May 1994).

Number 139 "Separate Tables" by Chris de Burgh
Peak: number 139
Peak date: 1 June 1992
Weeks in top 150: 1 week

We last saw Chris de Burgh in 1991.
"Separate Tables" was the lead single from Chris' tenth studio album Power of Ten (number 81, June 1992).
Internationally, "Separate Tables" peaked at number 30 in the UK in April 1992, number 14 in Ireland in April 1992, number 39 in Germany in April 1992, and number 25 in Switzerland in May 1992.
"Separate Tables" would be Chris' final ARIA top 150 single, although he would have later albums denting the top 150, with This Way Up (number 149, August 1994), and Very Best of (number 75, April 1997).
Number 144 "Twisterella" by Ride
Peak: number 105
Peak dates: 8 June 1992 and 15 June 1992
Weeks in top 150: 10 weeks
English band Ride formed in Oxford in 1988.  Their debut album Nowhere peaked at number 104 in Australia in July 1990, despite yielding no top 150 singles.  It was quickly followed by the compilation album Smile (number 135, July 1990), which combined the band's first two EP's Ride and Play.
"Twisterella" was the band's second single to dent the top 150 in Australia, following "Leave Them All Behind" (number 89, April 1992), which I have seen the video for on rage a couple of times in recent years.  Both tracks were lifted from Ride's second album Going Blank Again (number 56, April 1992).
Internationally, "Twisterella" peaked at number 36 in the UK in April 1992, and number 15 in Ireland in April 1992.
"Twisterella" fared better on the Australian Music Report singles chart, where it reached number 100.
We will next see ride in 1994.

Bubbling WAY down under:
Number 166 "Slash 'N' Burn" by Manic Street Preachers
Peak: number 158
Peak date: 6 July 1992
Weeks on chart: 7 weeks

We last saw Welsh band Manic Street Preachers in 1991.
"Slash 'N' Burn" was issued as the third single from the Manics' debut album Generation Terrorists (number 182, April 1992) in Australia, although it was only the second to chart.  "Love's Sweet Exile", released locally in March 1992, failed to chart.  Another single, "You Love Us", was released in the UK, but not Australia, before this one.

Internationally, "Slash 'N' Burn" peaked at number 20 in the UK in March 1992.  Within Australia, the single was most popular in Victoria/Tasmania, where it reached number 140.

We'll next see Manic Street Preachers in August 1992.

Number 205 "Colour My Life" by M People
Peak: number 205
Peak date: 1 June 1992
Weeks on chart: 1 week
English band M People formed in Manchester in 1990.  Although "Colour My Life" is their first single I have written about, their debut single "How Can I Love You More?" entered the ARIA singles chart at number 174 in February 1992 - but it will not reach its peak until a remixed version of it was released in 1993 (the peak for its original chart run, outside the top 150, is unknown).  Both tracks appear on M People's debut album Northern Soul (number 150, April 1993).
"Colour My Life" peaked at number 35 in the UK in March 1992.  In Australia, the single performed strongest in New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory, where it reached number 186.
"Colour My Life" was released in Australia in April 1992 and took nearly two months to spend a solitary week on the chart just outside the top 200.
M People's commercial breakthrough in Australia would not come until late 1993, with "Moving on Up" (number 4, January 1994), the second single from the band's second album Elegant Slumming (number 7, February 1994).
We shall next see M People in 1993.

Number 206 "Memories" by Beverley Craven
Peak: number 195
Peak date: 15 June 1992
Weeks on chart: 2 weeks 

Beverley Craven last graced our presence in 1991.  "Memories" was released as the second single in Australia from her debut album Beverley Craven (number 141, July 1991).
Internationally, "Memories" peaked at number 68 in the UK in December 1991.  In Australia, "Memories" performed strongest in New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory, where it reached number 181.

A live performance was used to promote "Memories" as a single, rather than a music video.  The video embedded below is the studio recording of the song.

"Memories" would be Beverley's final charting single in Australia.  She would, however, have one further low-charting charting album with Promise Me: The Best of (number 1062, April 2011).  A third single from Beverley Craven, "Holding On", was released locally in August 1992 but did not chart.

Next week (8 June): Just three new entries, all of which peak within the top 150.

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