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Week commencing 8 June 1992

This week in 1992 saw a meager three new entries peaking in the 101-150 region of the Australian singles chart.  Before taking a look at them, I have updated the following previous posts:

* 11 February 1991 - with a new bubbling WAY down under entry from Adamski;
* 13 January 1992 - with a new bubbling WAY down under entry from Adamski.

Nina Hagen got her body, but not really a 'hit' with this track.
Top 150 debuts:
Number 132 "Hang on in There Baby" by Curiosity
Peak: number 127
Peak date: 15 June 1992
Weeks in top 150: 5 weeks
Weeks on chart: 8 weeks

We last saw British band Curiosity Killed the Cat in 1989.  Since then, bass player Nick Thorpe had quit the group, and the remaining members shortened the band's name to just Curiosity.

"Hang on in There Baby", a cover version of a song originally written and recorded by Johnny Bristol (number 37, December 1974), was issued as the first single from the band's third album Back to Front, which does not appear to have been released in Australia.

Internationally, "Hang on in There Baby" peaked at number 3 in the UK in May 1992, number 10 in Ireland in May 1992, number 26 in Austria in June 1992, number 42 in Germany in June 1992, number 31 in Sweden in July 1992, number 38 in the Flanders region of Belgium in July 1992, and number 32 in New Zealand in July 1992.

Within Australia, "Hang on in There Baby" performed strongest in Western Australia, where it reached number 81.
Curiosity would release one further single in Australia, "I Need Your Lovin'", in October 1992, but it failed to chart.  "Hang on in There Baby" would be the band's final release to chart within Australia.

Number 134 "Feel So Real" by Dream Frequency featuring Debbie Sharp
Peak: number 113
Peak date: 29 June 1992
Weeks in top 150: 7 weeks
Weeks on chart: 10 weeks
Dream Frequency were English musician Ian Bland and American singer Debbie Sharp, although the latter was credited as a featured artist on this release.  "Feel So Real" was the act's third single release in the UK, but their first in Australia, following two minor UK top 100 singles with "Live the Dream" (UK number 99, May 1990) and "Love, Peace and Harmony" (UK number 71, January 1991).
Internationally, "Feel So Real" peaked at number 23 in the UK in February 1992, and number 26 in Ireland in February 1992.

In Australia, "Feel So Real" was most popular in Western Australia, where it reached number 70 on the state chart.

The track was lifted from Dream Frequency's debut album One Nation (number 160, January 1993).  Dream Frequency would land their biggest 'hit' in Australia with their next single, "Take Me", which reached number 62 in September 1992.  We shall see a remixed version of that track bubble under in August 1992.

Number 135 "Get Your Body!" by Adamski featuring Nina Hagen
Peak: number 114
Peak date: 22 June 1992
Weeks in top 150: 5 weeks
Weeks on chart: 8 weeks
We last saw English artist Adamski in January 1992.  "Get Your Body!" was the second single lifted from Adamski's second album Naughty (number 186, July 1992).

For this track, Adamski collaborated with German singer-songwriter Nina Hagen, who had been releasing material since 1978, but had never landed a charting release in Australia until now.  If you're unfamiliar with Nina (real name Catharina Hagen), I recommend checking out the crazy video for her 1982 single "Smack Jack", which is one of the videos I chose when I won a competition to program an hour of the Australian music video program rage in 2010.

Internationally, "Get Your Body" peaked at number 68 in the UK in March 1992.  Within Australia, the single performed strongest in Queensland, where it reached number 92.
This would be Adamski's final single to chart in Australia.

Next week (15 June): Five top 150 entries and four bubbling WAY down under debuts.

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