07 March 2023

Kent Music Report beyond the top 100: 7 March 1983

Two of the three singles bubbling under the top 100 this week in 1983 are follow-ups to the artists in question's biggest hits in Australia.  The other is a song that doesn't appear to have charted anywhere else.  Let's take a look at them.
Supertramp: when I was young it seemed this band was always on the radio.
Beyond the top 100:
Position 3 "My Kind of Lady" by Supertramp
Highest rank: 3rd
Peak date: 7 March 1983
Weeks on below list: 2 weeks

English rock band Supertramp formed in 1969.  At this point in 1983, they had placed five singles on the Australian top 100, with "It's Raining Again" (number 11, December 1982) being the highest-peaking of those.  I recall Supertramp's "Dreamer" (number 47, November 1975) and "The Logical Song" (number 16, June 1979) still being radio staples in the early 1980s.

"My Kind of Lady" was the second single lifted from Supertramp's seventh studio album ...Famous Last Words (number 2, November 1982).  Internationally, the single peaked at number 74 in Germany in March 1983.

Position 5 "Last Night (I Didn't Get to Sleep at All)" by The Reels
Highest rank: 4th
Peak date: 14 March 1983
Weeks on below list: 3 weeks
Australian band The Reels formed in 1976.  At this point in 1983, they had placed seven singles on the Australian top 100, with "This Guy's in Love (With You...)" (number 7, December 1982) being their biggest hit.

"Last Night...", a cover version of a song originally recorded by The 5th Dimension, was the second and final single lifted from The Reels' third studio album Beautiful (number 32, January 1983).

We shall see The Reels next in 1985.  I have written about them previously in 1989 and 1991.

Position 9 "Give Me the Good News" by Crocodile Harris
Highest rank: 9th
Peak date: 7 March 1983
Weeks on below list: 1 week
Crocodile Harris was the stage name of South African singer Robin Graham.  Crocodile Harris never landed a top 100 charting single or album in Australia.  "Give Me the Good News" was lifted from the album of the same name.
I cannot find evidence of this single charting elsewhere, even in South Africa!

Robin Graham passed away in 2015.

Next post (18 April): One new entry bubbling under the top 100.

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