14 February 2023

Kent Music Report beyond the top 100: 14 February 1983

One thing this week in 1983's new entries bubbling under the top 100 have in common is that it would be the last time we see the artists in question in this region of the chart.  Shall we take a look?
Roxy Music: there wouldn't be more after this one on the Australian chart.
Beyond the top 100:
Position 6 "Take a Chance with Me" by Roxy Music
Highest rank: 6th
Peak date: 14 February 1983
Weeks on below list: 1 week

Between 1972 and 1982, English band Roxy Music placed ten singles on the Australian top 100 chart, with their version of John Lennon's "Jealous Guy" going all the way to number one for four weeks in May-June 1981.

"Take a Chance with Me" was the third and final single lifted from the band's eighth and last studio album Avalon (number 1, July 1982).  It followed "More Than This" (number 6, July 1982) and "Avalon" (number 22, October 1982).

Internationally, "Take a Chance with Me" peaked at number 5 in Ireland in September 1982, number 26 in the UK in October 1982, number 20 in the Netherlands in October 1982, number 12 in the Flanders region of Belgium in October 1982, and number 68 in Germany in November 1982.
Roxy Music split in 1983.  We will see Roxy Music front man Bryan Ferry bubble under in 1986, and have seen him do so in 1989.

Position 11 "Angry Words" by Glenn Shorrock
Highest rank: 11th
Peak date: 14 February 1983
Weeks on below list: 1 week
Australian singer Glenn Shorrock is best known for fronting Little River Band during their most commercially-successful period, singing lead on their biggest hit "Help Is on the Way" (number 1, June 1977).  While still part of the band, Glenn landed a solo hit in 1979 with "Dream Lover" (number 8, June 1979).  He quit Little River Band in February 1982, though returned in 1988.

"Angry Words" was the second and final single from Glenn's solo debut album Villain of the Peace (number 32, November 1982).  It followed "Rock 'N' Roll Soldier" (number 39, November 1982).

Glenn would land another solo top 10 hit later in 1983 with the Australia's Cup-inspired "We're Coming to Get You" (number 6, October 1983).

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